18 Ways to Grow Vegetables in Small Spaces


John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ shows you 18 different ways you can grow vegetables in small spaces.

Whether you live in an apartment, condo, or small home without a yard, you can grow a vegetable garden by using some of the techniques shown in this episode.

In this episode, you will learn about many different ways you can grow food, along with tips and tricks along the way.

Finally, John will interview Kevin, the urban gardener about growing food, running a successful business and more.

Jump to the Following Part of this Episode:

01:08 Small Front Yard
02:11 Straw Bail Garden
03:20 5 Gallon Bucket
04:30 Fabric Pot
04:55 Support Me and Buy a GYG Tee Shirt
05:20 Milk Crate
07:31 Raised Bed Garden
08:56 TIP: Install an Irrigation System
10:00 DIY: Make Your own Trellis
11:17 TIP: Create Compost Your Garden & Food Waste
13:13 TIP: Wildflowers and Pollinators
14:08 Container Garden
14:50 Entering Backyard
15:08 Rain Gutter Garden
16:24 Tower Garden
16:45 Hydroponic vs Soil Based Gardening
18:29 Modular Vertical Barrel Growing System
20:16 Aeroponic Garden using 5 Gallon Bucket
22:02 Self Watering 5 Gallon Bucket Garden
24:10 Ebb and Flow Hydroponic system out of plastic totes
26:03 Self Watering 60 site Soil Based Garden
28:19 Eco Garden System Raised Bed Self Watering Bed
30:10 2 Liter Bottle upside down planter
31:25 2 Liter Bottle Self Watering Planter
32:58 TIP: Growing in Plastic?
33:40 Grow Indoors
34:26 TIP: Best Source of Lights for your Plants
35:40 Growing Microgreens
38:38 TIP: Tumbling Composter
39:50 TIP: Better Way to Breakdown your food
43:44 Interview with Kevin
44:09 How did you get into gardening and growing food?
46:40 When did you find my videos?
47:50 How did your website Epic Gardening come about?
50:50 What is your favorite way to grow food?
52:35 What is the easiest way to grow food?
55:24 What are your microgreens growing tips?
59:22 What tips do you have for people that want to be their own boss?
1:04:39 How can someone connect with you and your sites?
1:06:00 Why Epic Gardening?

After watching this episode, you will learn 18 different ways you can grow food in a small space. This will empower you to grow more of your own food at home.

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