When the Lord knocks on our door, are we ready to let him in? God offers each of us an open door to His kingdom, but sometimes we ourselves close it. Jesus declared that he is the open door and the way that makes it possible for us to reach heaven. In today’s reading, Jesus laments as he issues a stern warning to religious leaders because they have misled the people. Oaths are binding but the Pharisees find clever ways to evade the obligation to their oaths. They forget that God hears and sees everything, even the person’s heart.

How often have we made promises such as fasting and abstinence, but when the situation presents itself, we break our promise and say it’s alright to eat beef steak because we can do a good deed or go to mass as a substitute. We take God’s command lightly.

We shut the door of God’s kingdom in our lives when we close our ears to Jesus. When we go to mass, do we pay attention to the readings and the homily? When we pray the prayer Jesus taught us: “Your kingdom come; your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven,” do we listen to the little voice inside us where God speaks to us? Do we seek his will in the silence of our heart?

Lord, your word is life to us. Help us not to close the door to your kingdom through disobedience, disbelief or indifference. Help us to listen to your voice and align our life more fully to your word.

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