3 Photography Assignment Ideas for This Week


Doing photography is the best way to learn photography – not many people would argue with that.

That’s why we hope you have already seen Photzy’s Action cards that allow you to learn as you’re doing. Print and take a sheet into the field with notes, assignment and feedback questions for your results. They are discounted 88% for the next 48 hours, so get on them!

“…Excellent idea. I printed them out, and have been doing all of the assignments each week. If you’re on the fence, grab a set, they will not disappoint you!” – Debra S.

Now, some of the extra ideas you get from browsing through the Action Cards are also a blessing for getting out and shooting. You will have no shortage yourself.

3 Fun Photography Assignments!

So here are 3 that we came up with based on the Action Cards!

Repetition – Some of the most powerful compositions are found when the photographer can identify repetitious objects or shapes. Suck repetition exists both in nature and in the human-made world. (A stack of bottles, a line of windows etc). Here are a few examples of repetitious photographs to give you inspiration:

photo by cristian prisecariu

photo of peacock

photo by skeeze on pixabay

Monochromatic Color – Finding scenes that are dominated by a single color can really lead to photographs with impact. And while it sounds easy, finding those scenes and then managing to find an interesting composition within them is a huge skill on its own (especially without resorting to too much color manipulation in post-production). Here is what we’re talking about:

photographs of chillis

photo by Fernando Espí

photo of a butterfly on a flower

photo by Larisa Koshkina

Fill the Frame – There is a long-standing joke in photography that its first three rules are: get closer, get closer, get closer! And while it is said in jest, it’s actually pretty accurate. For this exercise, you should get as close as you dare in order to fill the whole frame of your image with the main subject. This is a great illustration of that principle. Some examples of filling the frame:

photo of red flowers

photo by monicore on pexels

photograph of fruit

photo by Trang Doan

Now, these are just a few of the over 200 assignment ideas from the Photzy Action Cards (that you can print out and take with you), but the key here is to actually get out shooting!

And they’re on sale for Light Stalking readers for the next 48 hours.

So grab them here and happy shooting!

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