50 Fun Things to Do When You Bored


Boredom is a temporary state of mind that can leave you feeling uninterested about life in general. Boredom happens when we stop being fully engaged in the present moment, what happens next is the mind is not being used and goes into “boredom mode” = lazy mode.

A quick fix for boredom is to engage it in the moment. I usually do things like counting the leaves on a plant, or counting the number of pictures/paintings on my staircase wall (53). The mind likes to be used, not in the sense of useless, repetitive thinking about the past or future, but rather something it can do that is practical in the present moment.

If your mind is in “bored mode” than definitely engage it first in a small, almost effortless activity and then move onto more “heavier” activities after that. Start small, and then go from there, this approach always works for me.

Below I wrote 50 ideas that you can use to alleviate boredom so that you can be fully integrated into your life and start enjoying the present moment.

Plant a vegetable garden
Go for a hike
Clean your house
Call someone
Do some home improvements you’ve been putting off
Go on a Daytrip
Cook or bake something delicious
Write a short fiction story about a topic that interests you
Do a puzzle
Organize an area of your home
Write goals down on a dry erase board
Go to a coffee shop that has books to read
Clean out the fridge
Go on a movie or TV-series marathon
Listen to music that lifts you up
Stare out a window in your home
Go fishing
Clean out your wardrobe
Clear your mind of clutter by using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
Watch interesting YouTube videos. I like watching exploring abandoned places
Visit a historic town and have lunch and shop while there
Grab a dumbbell and do some bicep curls and tricep extensions.
Burn some incense
Drink lots of clean water only for the next four hours
Plan a pizza and a movie night at home
Prepare meals for the week
Clean out your junk drawer
Make a donation/giveaway box
Rub your feet back and forth across a carpeted floor
Give yourself a scalp massage
Clean and polish your shoes
Chill-out and do nothing for an hour
Take a nap
Clean up litter along the road
Donate blankets to your local animal shelter
Write an outline for the kind of person you would prefer to be
Enjoy a long, country drive
Ask someone to lunch
Wash, vacuum, and polish your car
Clean and organize your garage and shed
Imagine that you just inherited 30 million dollars
Plan your dream vacation/holiday
Clean the windows in your home
Spend 10 minutes writing down all the things you are grateful for
Find like-minded people to discuss topics you are passionate about
Write down important dates and reminders on a calendar
Indulge in a guilty pleasure- use your own discretion 🙂
Have a picnic with your family in your backyard

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