A Family Home Designed for Happy Childhood Memories


A Family Home Designed for Happy Childhood Memories | Design*Sponge

A Family Home Designed for Happy Childhood Memories | Design*Sponge
For seven years, Lindsey Daigle (@wanderingdarlings), a flight attendant and owner of Linden Bee and Kindred & Kin, and her husband Sam, an aircraft mechanic, have rented a 100-year-old house, conveniently located near the Boston, MA airport where they both work. Since first moving in, their family has grown and now includes the couple’s four children, Liam, Jude, Delphine, and Clementine, as well as Knightley the Pomeranian and Casper the cat. In their home the kids have always come first but in terms of decorating, it took a while for Lindsey to fully embrace that. “I think I wanted to start out with a home that had a small designated area for the children, maybe just their rooms or a playroom,” she recalls. “It took quite a few years before I realized that [the kids] are the life and breath in this family,” she explains. “Cultivating an environment filled with toys and color for inspiration is important to me to help nourish our children’s imagination. We hope inside these walls the kids feel inspired to dream big and are raised confidently enough to grow into adults who dream just as brave as when they were children.”

Over the years, Lindsey has learned to love each and every toy, game and puzzle, as they represent happiness, joy, and memorable experiences not only for her children but for her and Sam as well. “We couldn’t be happier with having their things included amongst ours,” she shares. Decorating her family’s three-bedroom house has taught Lindsey a thing or two about her own style and personality. Most significantly, she has learned that if given a choice she will always choose color and max out each space with wallpaper wherever possible. Last but not least, it has taught Lindsey to see the beauty in her children’s possessions. “Styling them out on shelves has become a hobby and certainly something that I will miss when they’re not in these spaces any longer,” she adds. “Every little space in my home has something that makes me truly love it, it’s hard to pick my favorite wall in the house, and so no matter where I sit, I’m happy to be there.” —Sofia

Photography by Lindsey Daigle@wanderingdarlings

*Note: After months of working on this feature, this same home appeared on Apartment Therapy before our own publishing date. These things happen in the interior blogging world, but we still wanted to bring you our own unique take on this home and honor our time spent crafting its story.

Image above: The blossoming dining room is the setting of many a family memory and a space where Lindsey has fully embraced her love for wallpaper. “This wallpaper is probably my favorite […] in our house. I love that our memories of eating together have this vibrant floral pattern to accompany them,” she says. 

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