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6'0" (1.82m) HW: 198lbs (90kg) . SW: 192lbs (87kg) . CW: 175lbs (80kg) . GW: 165lbs (75kg)

So I ate a lot yesterday. Like, A LOT. I ended up somewhere around 2800 calories, but not everything was weighed so that's a guesstimate. But you know what? I can't bring myself to feel bad about it at all.

It wasn't a binge. I didn't eat a stupid amount of food all at the same time. I didn't feel compulsive or out of control or anything like that. I was just HUNGRY. I'm about to start my period, I was at the lowest I'd kept my weekly average in a while, and I just needed *more food*. None of that was alcohol, soda, desserts, fast food etc – that was 2800 calories of yogurt, vegetarian sushi, fruits, nuts, chips and hummus, peanut butter, potato and beans – real, healthful foods foods. That was what I needed, and I accept that.

And when I checked my weekly average? Still under 2000cals/day! By 7 calories, but dammit I'll count that. I'm not super strict, but under 2000cal is my rough goal (right at 2000 is about .5lb/week for me usually).

I'm up two pounds, just took the biggest poop on the face of the planet, and feel better than I have in a while. I also slept til 11 on accident and am not hungry in the slightest so I'll probably just have a snack and dinner today and it'll balance out anyways.

Keep on CICO-ing on!

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