Anyone up for a workout challenge?


I hope this is okay to post here.

I've just recently gotten back into pilates. I lost 21lbs in 4 months two years ago. Went from 167 to 146 (F/5'3"). It was a combination of blogilates calendars and eating right and CICO. Now I'm at 172lbs and need to get back to healthy living! I think if some people do this with me then it'll help me stick to it.

Because it is September 1st I'll be starting again fully committed today with this months calendar found here Signing up for an account is free and all the videos are free on YouTube! They target certain areas of the body each day and focus on burning fat and building strength at the same time. In the end you'll be lighter and stronger! It really helped me before so I wanted to offer you guys this challenge. It's about 30-45 minutes of working out a day. It's low-impact and great for people with bad backs or asthma (like me).

It might be hard at first but you can pause the videos or just do half of them each day. You'll still benefit! I'll be tracking my progress on MFP so DM me if you want to track with me and we can add each other. Otherwise this is just a challenge for anyone who wants to do some simple exercise with no weights.

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