Be Honest: Does Your Lead Gen Suck?


Lead gen is the lifeblood of marketing. But most lead gen activities are … well, kinda sucky. They take too much time, cost too much, and produce too few MQLs, not to mention customers.

Good thing Jay Baer has the reverse vacuum to unsuck your lead gen.

Okay, there’s no reverse vacuum.

But there is Jay Baer! And he has some phenomenal secrets for getting more leads without alienating your prospects. He’ll be sharing those secrets in the webinar 7 Ways to Unsuck your Lead Gen on April 20th.

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You should probably be there. It’d really be a real shame if you weren’t. And hey, if you were to join, you’d learn:

The lie every marketer tells themselves at nightWhy marketers (yes, even you!) refuse to believe in the Golden RuleHow to atomize your content and increase your lead gen mileageWhy the future of lead gen is pictures, not wordsWhy the best lead gen transcends the transaction

Right, we’ll see you there.

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