Bumper-Less Lamborghini Huracan Displays Its 850 HP, Twin-Turbo Madness


This Lamborghini Huracan has moved from the supercar to the hypercar realm after being subjected to a twin-turbo conversion.

Modified by TR3 Performance, the Italian exotic comes with “even more power and torque”, according to ADV.1 Wheels.

So, what does it put out? The answer would be a healthy 850 horses, which is a big improvement from the stock car’s 610. There’s also a A liquid intercooler at the front cargo area (aka frunk), so you can forget about bringing any luggage with you, unless you’re driving solo and use the passenger’s footwell and seat for packing a small suitcase and a soft bag – at best.

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Now, we’ve seen much more extreme twin-turbo conversions, such as those by Underground Racing that up power to 1,200 WHP, or an incredible 2,000WHP on race fuel, but even so, this should be one very fast Lambo.

Besides the engine tuning and missing rear bumper, which shows the twin-turbo conversion in all its glory, this Huracan rides on a set of aftermarket wheels, from ADV.1. Called ADV5.2 M.V2 CS, the two-piece concave forged rims are 9×20-inch front and 12.5×21-inch rear in size, and have an optional brushed aluminum with gloss clear finish.

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