Calculating needed recovery for new hot water system



I have a 12-unit apartment building that has a very old water heating system that I plan to upgrade. It is currently set up with a small oil-fired boiler that feeds a storage tank. It generates plenty of hot water for the entire building and recovers quickly, but it is at the end of it's useful life, and oil has gotten quite expensive. I'm also looking to eliminate the additional service costs related to this system.

There are heat-pump hot water tanks available now and I would like to know what capacity I might need so that recovery is not an issue. The largest available that I've looked at has an 89 gallon first-hour rating. That seems adequate, but perhaps two of these (or two 60s?) would ensure ample time for recovery?

The farthest domestic faucets are about 100 linear feet (four of these).

All faucets use low-flow heads.

Happy to provide any other info that I can. Does anyone know how to calculate this? Thank you.

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