Can’t count till 10 without distracting. Is it ADD?


I am practicing meditation for last couple of months. Not all the time. Let's say 10-15 days a month. This month i decided to go on a full streak. So far am doing it every day this month. But i think either my concentration skills got worse or i do not know. Today was trying to count till 10 without getting distracted. Believe it or not, couldn't do it twice within 15 minutes of meditation. It was going like this "Ok, lets count. Pay attention to breath. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… attention to belly going up and down…..oh, yea, not to forget to remind my friend we doing cardio tomorrow……oh shit….. lets start again 1,2,….." And it went like this for a big chunk of 15 minutes of the whole practice, rest i was doing body scan, still got distracted. I am afraid, what if i have ADD?

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