12 foods to eat when you’re craving carbs but trying to lose weight

Astrid Stawiarz/GettyImages Refined and processed carbs like those found in white bread should be avoided when trying to lose weight. Instead, stick to carbs that are full of fiber and give your body energy. Squash, beans, and sweet...

What’s New and Exciting? July 2018 Edition

As of a few weeks ago, summer is officially upon us, and holy fishsticks is it ever. Check this out: That’s a lot of all-time heat records (just a few days ago, Los Angeles hit...

Grill protein-packed tempeh for a twist on barbecue

Grill protein-packed tempeh for a twist on barbecue  theday.comFull coverageRead more: theday.com

What Fish Food to Feed Your Fish

Proper and nutritious food supply is quite vital for healthy growth of your pet fish. Without an adequate and qualitative food supply, growth rate of your aquarium fish would fall below the normal levels,...

Hundreds of Farmers Markets May Stop Accepting Food Stamps Very Soon

An administrative screw-up could keep thousands of low-income Americans from buying healthy food with SNAP benefits. Read more: huffingtonpost.com

My Thoughts on Plastic Surgery | Responding to Your Comments | Doctor Mike

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVb_OPns8ZQ]We are back at it responding to your comments and questions via this monthly video series. I love reading and responding to your comments and as you can tell I'll jump into the...

5 Fast and Healthy Smoothie Recipes with Yogurt (no protein powder needed)

Trying to eat healthier? Need a quick breakfast? Want to switch up your usual post-workout snack? We can do all of those with these delicious and healthy smoothie recipes! This week I’m sharing a...

Study: Road to global foodservice growth paved with cafes, healthy food

A recently released Coca-Cola/Technomic study on sources of foodservice growth finds big potential in cafe concepts, off-premise eating and "healthy food," though the world does not agree what that last term means.Read more: qsrweb.com

Striking a balance between immunity and inflammation

Hookworms infect people mostly in countries where sanitation is poor and people often walk barefoot. Working on a mouse model, a research team has studied the secretion of the immune protein RELMalpha that is...

Don’t Leave Your Health To Luck

If you consider yourself healthy, chances are you work for it.  No matter how much “luck o’ the Irish” you’ve got running through your veins, good health doesn’t simply happen.  It’s not something you’re...

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