How Businesses Can Spot an Employee in Need

Employers have a responsibility to protect their employees’ health and wellbeing. If you are worried a member of staff might be struggling in their role, with a mental health issue, or a personal problem,...

Some needed motivation

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A Women4Women Affair at Mannabay

On a gorgeous afternoon in the city, on the last day of Women’s Month, a gathering of women took place in one of Cape Town’s most luxurious boutique sanctuaries. The topic of the day was...

Truest Friend

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How much you can take hit.

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The 3 Attributes Necessary for Success

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Genetic Traits: It Runs in the Family

Have you ever noticed which inherited genetic traits are passed down through the generations in your family? You might not see them at first, but once you notice the patterns and similarities running through...

Top 20 Quotes On Time Management -(Inspiration and Motivation)

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My man! 😁

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Anonymous Donor Gives $100 to Every Teacher in Kentucky School District for Supplies

Image Source: Julie Wood I’ve never complained about the cost of school supplies, or about how many metric tons of glue sticks my kids are required to have at the start of every school year. Just...

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