Emmerdale autumn preview! Five HOT storylines heading our way


Charity is at the heart of a dramatic autumn in Emmerdale…

Emmerdale five hot storylines... Mark Bails Charity Dingle

A trial, a car crash and an out-of-control killer are all on the agenda for the coming months in Emmerdale

1.  Justice for Charity Dingle at last in Emmerdale?

Her abuser, DI Bails, stands trial

Having had the courage to tell the police about her grooming ordeal at the hands of DI Bails, Charity Dingle must now take to the stand in a bid to get her evil nemesis sent to prison. But as Bails’ trial draws near, Charity wonders if she is strong enough for the task ahead.

“There are many times when she thinks ‘Do you know what, I think I’m just going to pull out,’” says actress Emma Atkins. “It is causing so many people heartache, and Charity thinks they don’t need it.”

Charity Dingle young and older

Charity knows the odds are stacked against her. She was a prostitute and she’s been in prison for fraud, while Bails has a seemingly perfect family and boasts friends in high places.

Adds Emma: “Charity has done so many bad things, and wonders how on earth a jury would ever believe her over Bails. Also, raking up her past means she has to keep re-living it, and there are images in her head that she would rather forget.”

Charity’s partner, Vanessa, offers her support, and Charity hopes the Dingles will be there for her, too. But the family still don’t know that Ryan is her and Bails’ son – something which will be inevitably exposed in the courtroom.

Ryan Stocks (played by James Moore), Charity Dingle, Emmerdale

“She also worries that Ryan may be put under pressure to speak in court or have his DNA used as evidence,” says Emma. ‘Charity is damaged goods, really, and you realise that even more this autumn, as she battles with her demons.’

Will Charity stick to her guns, or let Bails off the hook?

2. Lachlan White gets caught out?

As the net closes in, the killer teen feels the pressure

7 things you never knew about Emmerdale star Thomas Atkinson, aka Lachlan White

It’s been something of a miracle that Lachlan (played by Thomas Atkinson) has got away with murder for so long, but as the leaves turn brown, the net closes in. There is a body buried in the woods, and Rebecca, whom everyone thinks is in Ibiza, knows exactly what her nephew has done.

“Lachlan has thought about killing Rebecca, but she is family and all he has left, so it is a struggle,” says Thomas. “He knows that he must keep her quiet, though, as she could ruin everything.”

Emmerdale spoilers! Imprisoned Rebecca White dares to hope for freedom…

Will Lachlan kill Rebecca?

Rebecca isn’t Lachlan’s only problem. Young Liv is super suspicious of her neighbour, well aware that he recently tried to kill her and Robert.

Adds Thomas: “Lachlan always thought he could outwit people, but things start to unravel and he goes out of his mind. People, including Belle, start to notice that he is behaving oddly.”

Belle has no idea that she’s living with a serial killer, and Lachlan knows she’d leave him if she discovered the truth. But could she be in danger, too?

Teases Thomas: “Lachlan doesn’t think he could hurt Belle, but who knows what he is capable of when put under pressure? He will do whatever he has to do to hide his crimes.

‘The best possible outcome for him would be that he gets away with the killings and lives happily ever after with Belle…but that is unlikely!

“As we go into the autumn, the story moves towards a shocking climax. It’s going to be full of suspense and there will be some surprises along the way.”

3. Frank and Megan have a car crash

Will the pair survive?


There was a time when business was everything for Megan Macey in Emmerdale, but it’s a wonder she gets any work done this Autumn, as she remains torn between a settled relationship with Frank and a sizzling affair with Graham.

Frank recently dumped the wedding planner over her infidelity, but when he pretends he’s seeing another woman, Megan can’t help feeling jealous.

“It is a real rocket up the bum!” reveals actress Gaynor Faye, “and makes Megan realise how much she wants Frank. Although if Graham were to date somebody else, it would probably have the same effect!

“If she could have both of them it would be perfect! There is sexual tension between her and Graham, but Frank adores her little girl, Eliza, and they can be a family unit together.”

After much thought, Megan opts for Frank, and hopes a fancy car will help win his heart. Explains Gaynor: “She realises she has to put a bit of spark back into their relationship, so she buys a sporty number so they can pretend they are Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.”

But the motor is dodgy, and disaster strikes when they’re out for a spin, causing their lives to hang in the balance. Will the pair pull through?

4. Chas gives birth to Margarita

But the couple’s joy is followed by heartbreak

Chas Dingle

 Chas and Paddy’s baby daughter, “Margarita”, is due this Autumn, but whilst the tot’s parents are over the moon to finally meet their little girl, her arrival inevitably spells heartache. Margarita was diagnosed with the condition Bilateral Renal Agenesis at Chas’s twenty week scan, and her mum and dad are painfully aware that she’s unlikely to live beyond a few hours out of the womb.

“It is going to be harrowing and hard,” says actress Lucy Pargeter who plays the devastated mum-to-be. “I’ve sat through the read-throughs, sobbing. Paddy and Chas have both agreed to donate Margarita’s organs when she dies. Chas has had many moments of denial throughout this pregnancy, but the reality will hit her when the baby is born.”

With the birth looming, Chas and Paddy decide to meet up with a woman who has been through a similar experience. But will her story help them to prepare for what lies ahead?

5. Danger for David?

He ignores Tracy’s warning and embarks on a relationship with Maya

David Metcalfe, Maya Cavanagh, Emmerdale

There’s no sign of a reunion for David and Tracy this Autumn in Emmerdale as his relationship with teacher Maya gets more intense.

“The relationship between David and Maya is definitely going somewhere,” says Matthew Wolfenden, who plays the smitten shopkeeper. ‘It started as a rebound thing, but turns into something more.’

Jacob isn’t happy when he finds out about the turn of events – not only had he pinned his hopes on Tracy and David getting back together, but Maya is his teacher. Awks!

But should the lad have even more cause for concern? Maya’s estranged husband, Liam, recently told Tracy that the blonde caused “drama and destruction.” Is David’s dreamy new woman going to become his worst nightmare?

And four more plots on the way in Emmerdale:

Ross is disappointed when Rhona asks Pete to move in

Debbie is in despair when sick Sarah refuses more treatment

Rodney’s life is in danger

Bernice and Daz’s relationship comes under strain

Emmerdale continues on ITV.

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