From Alcoholic Obese to Fit lifestyle ..Sharing What I learnt..


My before after pic

This took me around 7 months

English is not my first language so apologies in advance.

Bit backstory I used to be full alcoholic. Had all the health problems under the sun from diabetes to thyroid to high blood pressure to low testosterone

The doctor told me if I don't change my lifestyle I will never be able to have a family of mine….. My main goal was to be healthy in the beginning.

Food has temptations but alcohol is the mother of all temptations if you are an introvert fat guy with no social skills.

The diet part is covered a lot here I followed the same route calories in and calories out What I mostly did is kept high protein (150 -250 grams), low fat (50 Grams) and least carbs diet… But refeed carbs in every weekend just made sure don't go big surplus..

What I realized are the rules that apply to staying sober and quitting alcoholism also fit perfectly with weight loss and clean diet. Thoug cutting diet way easier if you have had alcohol problem



First Apply this motto – When you wake up in morning say this to yourself I WONT BREAK MY DIET TODAY NO MATTER WHAT. Don't think about tomorrow or day after tomorrow, just today no matter whatever temptation comes! you will not give in to it. (do this daily every morning until you reach goal weight)

Later when you are comfortable with one day at time diet process add TODAY I WILL GO TO GYM DAILY NO MATTER WHAT. 😉

There are few factors which could help you with one day at a time program and help you avoid getting carried way.

1. Serneity – Either you are quitting alcohol or trying to have disciplined proper diet in your life. The serenity of mind is most important. If your mind is not at peace then you can not concentrate on anything which includes having right if you want to lose weight or improve your health most important is the serenity of your mind.

Most of people can't keep up with diet or stay sober not because they do not want to but because they get carried away in life. Which can only be avoided by descipline and to have despline you certainly need peace of mind or its all chaos.

The cycle goes something like this

Some incident happens (Fight with a friend, Boss yells at you,Break Up,Promotion,ETC …) ==> We start thinking about it ==> We overthink it ==> Converts it into feeling (Upset or Sad or too excited or too angry) ==> That Feeling converts in action DRINK Alcohol/EAT Unhealthy stuff to feel better

How not to lose your serenity – As the prayer says, it is very simple and very difficult at the same time..At the time when any incident happens ask yourself if you can do anything about it to change it, if Yes! then change it and if no then let it go, show acceptance and move on. Don't hold it and carry it's burden on your mind because it will eat up your serenity and which will lead you to eating cake in the fridge. Got fired? See if you can get the job back if not let it go and you will find new one, don't keep holding onto and letting it bother you.

2.HARDCORE HONESTY – First Step is understanding your problem either it is alcohol or eating junk unless you agree that you have a problem you will not be able to fix it.but if you are here already that means you already know you have this weight problem.

When we were children we were told to stay honest with yourself and others. But as we grew up we learned the methods of the world and started with small dishonesties like taking someone's pen and saying we have not taken it (Just an example not saying yall are thieves). Then that dishonesty grew slow n steady and it got to a level that we started becoming dishonest to ourselves.

My alcoholism was killing me but I would tell myself that I will quit it soon, it is not that bad yet. Knowing full well I was not being honest to myself. I would say one drink won't hurt my body and then I will drink the whole bottle and think I won't do it from tomorrow knowing it very well that i will be doing it again tomorrow.

One day I realized that, It doesn't matter whatever I say I will be doing it tomorrow and then I went to rehab. Started avoiding pubs and clubs or people who could get me carried away and relapse. Once you know that this is your problem figure out who are the main culprits that get you carried away.Try staying away from those things slow and steady.

Be honest you are hurting your body and you know it. But More then that You are hurting your self-confidence, You are losing the battle against it, YOU ARE WEAK accept it! and be honest about it.

Once you have accepted the truth you know you are weak against it and you will give it a real fight. you will really work on improving yourself making yourself stronger then IT.

3.Become Selfish – If you are not selfish, then you stop caring about what is best for you. If you are selfish you consider your health, your life and your progress before any other thing. If you are selfish about your body then you do what is best for it.

Most importantly be selfish about your serenity. No matter who or what no one is worth your serenity your friend or family or colleague no one. If you have your serenity with you will be better person to them. If they really love you they will understand it too.

4.Be shallow – People pretend and say looks don't matter much but it does! everyone judges you on your appearance until they get to know you. Be shallow about how you look rate your appearance out of 10.

Say you have dark circles and since you are one shallow person who judges themselves by their look you will try get rid of it..and to do that you will try get 8 hours sleep and all minerals vitamins which actually leads to healthy lifestyle.

5.Be Vain – You should be your favorite. You should love yourself most. Love your body try make it best looking and healthiest in the room. Obsesses about yourself. If you don’t love yourself that means you don’t respect yourself and which means no one will respect you. If you love yourself most and if you are doing best for your body then your body will make you feel good about yourself and help you boost your confidence.

TL;DR – Keep it one day at time. Peace of mind is most important. Be honest,Be Selfish, Be Shallow and Be vain

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