How To Fight The “Good Enough” Effect? I am comfortable and this is making me lose motivation.


So I am at about $109,000 per year in profits which is pretty nice. That's the issue I am facing, it is comfortable. I make around 9k per month in profit working about an hour or two a day and my monthly expenses, for my own life, not my business, are only about 3k per month so I am putting 6k in my investment account every month. This is also really nice.

If you have been through this before or have some ideas for myself and others going through this, where can you find the motivation and the drive to keep improving and making more money and not falling for the "I'm comfortable so I will stop working so hard" approach.

I would like to hit 10k per month in profit and eventually build up to 100k per month in profit in the next few years but I honestly am dealing with a few motivational issues. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated!

I started a YouTube channel as a hobby teaching people how to make money and build their own business and build passive income as I have but I am starting to lose motivation for that as well. Not sure if this is just a dip or a logical outcome. As stated before, any tips or advice would be awesome, thanks!

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