If you use complex ritual, philosophy, religion, enforced hierarchy that limits access to anything or traditions that have no practical origin every day – YOUR MA IS BULLSHIT.


IF you have to fallow fucking daoism so hard it dictates how you must perform kata so you force include slow motions half the time to "have balance, because balance is in everything"- Your martial art is bullshit.

IF you have to wear a hakama, a silk shirt, or ridiculous ninja shoes with 2 toes- your martial art is bullshit.

IF you have to bow down 14 times (and i fucking counted a total number of this once) before going out before an older instructor in a seminar so he shows you a new technique, and minimum 4 times after (and many times in between), so you effectively spent more time bowing instead being shown a technique more times – your martial art is bullshit.

IF you are forbidden to question someone higher rank than you- your martial art is bullshit.

IF you have to light fucking scented sticks in front of an altar with a picture of your soke while never meeting the guy so you feel real need to do that – your martial art is bullshit.

IF you have to address your instructor by a title that is longer than one word – your martial art is bullshit.

If you are enforced to have to pray or repeating mantra or meditating for extended periods of time? – your martial art is bullshit.

Note: you can do all those if it's what makes you hard. For sure. I mean you will look silly to me personally, but fine. I'm talking about "having to" in other words that you must do certain ridiculous things being enforced by the MA- in that case the entire MA is bullshit and you should prob get out of there if you value your time and dignity.

Come at me.

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