I’m an after picture



Sw: 226lbs Cw: 147.5lbs Gw: 125/130lbs H: 5'1" age: 29

I've spent the last sever years lurking through post on here. Envied over all of the success stories and after photos. I started strong, counted calories, had a workout routine. The whole shebang, lost 20lbs cool. As the years went on I kept a steady work out yo yoed with my weight then would go hard again. Now down 45lbs.

Then was put in the hospital for a rare spine tendonitis and that was the end. For two years I used the excuse that my back was just not able to be active. What really was happening was I was digging myself into a deeper and deeper depression hole. I would spend countless weekends barely getting off the couch or even leaving the house. I gained back 20 of those initial 45 lbs lost.

I honestly have no real answer as to what made it click for. What kicked me in the ass at the beginning of this year but I am thankful. I realized that this is me. Beautiful in all forms and I need to love my body and keep it from harm. I got healthy. My whole mentality shifted. I wasn't trying to become skinny I was working to make my body healthy so that as I get older my quality of life doesn't deteriorate. Once I got out of the mind set of trying to be like every one of those after pictures and follow any and all diets, I learned to listen to my body. I became my own after picture

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