Morphies Law review – a fascinating but deeply flawed team shooter


Morphies Law is a team based objective shooter with a day of the dead themed aesthetic and a strong gimmick – namely that, when you shoot an enemy, you steal mass from that part of their body and add it to your own. Get a series of headshots, for example, and you’ll be tottering around as a bobblehead. Rake someone’s legs with bullets, meanwhile, and you’ll start strutting around like Tim Curry in The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

All of the game modes hang off this central idea of stealing mass from others in order to win, and in this way it’s quite like Splatoon with its own focus on painting more turf than the enemy team. Indeed, one only needs to glance at Morphies Law to see that it’s taken a hefty amount of inspiration from its ink throwing cousin. It’s a deliberate positioning that is both smart – Splatoon is an excellent game – and unfortunate, because Morphies Law isn’t one.

The beauty of Splatoon is that it’s a shooter that doesn’t make gunning down the other team the be all and end all. By playing the objective – which is to say covering the map in ink – you can be every bit as useful as the player racking up tens of kills. The main gimmick of Splatoon permeates every level of the game, broadening your options and ensuring that you’re always being useful.

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