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Welp guys, here it is. Long time lurker first time poster. A year ago I was browsing this subreddit and I always dreamt about being able to post here. Its been a wild ride but i'll spare you the sob story about how i've been morbidly obese my whole life and somehow got it together within this past year. Now that i'm finally at my goal weight i'm setting goals for myself in the gym to keep myself accountable and on track. There are good days and they're bad days, but the feeling I have right now is insurmountable. When I first started out I decided that this was the last time I was going to do this. I have gotten serious about losing weight maybe about three times in my life? But this time for whatever reason I looked in the mirror and decided enough was enough. I asked myself "Am I the type of person who doesn't follow up on what they say they're going to do? am I a liar". This honestly stuck with me throughout this journey. Anytime I felt like quitting or didn't feel like going to the gym or wanted to binge, I would think back to this exact moment. It got me going and kept me going.

My regimen for those who're interested:

At the beginning of this wild ride I decided to go the full nine yards. I cut my caloric intake to 1600 cals a day and started IF(16/8) and ate two big meals a day with little/no snacking in between. I work out five times a week, usually starting with cardio and then my muscle split ie chest/tri back/bi etc and would also do abs in between exercises. I had some "cheat" meals I guess, but about 75% of the time i'd just be eating to maintenance. This routine combined my now developed strong sense of discipline has gotten me to this point.

Most importantly, a big thank you to you all. I would lurk this subreddit along with r/progresspics EVERYDAY and I am not exaggerating when I say this. So thank you all for your life experiences, stories, rants, and so on. You may think of it as insignificant, but trust me it helps more than you'll ever know. last but not least the progress pics!



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