Nathan Drake’s Top 5 Rules for Life Vol.2 | Uncharted Motivation | feat. Jordan B. Peterson


I created Nathan Drake's Top 5 Rules for Life a while ago featuring Robert Greene's Mastery. Now inspired by Dr. Jordan Peterson to make another Top 5 Rules for Nathan Drake this time featuring a few clips of the lectures from Jordan Peterson himself 🙂

Dr. Jordan Peterson Professor Jordan B. Peterson is a man of great wisdom. He is a respected clinical psychologist and a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, also the author of the new international best selling book "12 Rules for Life".

Be a Waking Dreamer and Aim to the Highest Star

Honour your Profession, Be the Master of Responsibility

Journal your Life and Goals

Be an Attractive man to many women but only commit to One

Maybe you can really save the World (by becoming a controlled monster)

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