Not there yet, but progress pics.


Pics first cause I know this sub loves them (I'm on a throwaway so as not to identify my real account).

Around 75lbs difference between these two pics. Before, I had so much neck fat it choked me. I couldn't walk properly. I couldn't breathe very well and was on inhalers. I had high BP.

I'm still about 40lbs away from my goal weight. I'll get there in time.

How I did it? Calorie counting mainly. Reducing carbs because carbs don't really agree with me.

Mainly it's just making better food choices. I rarely eat processed foods. If it has a list of ingredients on the box, I don't want to eat it. I make sauces, curry powders, everything from scratch.

I'm not currently allowed to exercise at all due to some health problems, but I'm looking forward to getting back to cardio and lifting once I'm well again!

My BP is normal, I'm no longer on any inhalers, I LOVE sticking my headphones in and going for long walks.

So in short, I love being smaller. I know I'm still too big. I know. But it took me years to gain the weight, it'll take time to get it all off.

Stay strong everyone. Bad weeks and even bad months can be undone. Edit: I don't want to give my exact weight tbh, but I'll say that in the right hand picture, I was wearing an extremely stretchy US size 20 dress. In the left, I'm wearing a tight fit US 10-12.

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