officially shed 40LBS today!


I don't know if you can really tell, sometimes I still feel like I'm the girl on the left. But I've officially lost 40LBS today (about 35 more to lose) and I'm so excited. It's taken about 4.5 months. I really don't talk about it too much at work or amongst my friends (guess I'm just scared to fail… however they are all supportive of my lifestyle/eating schedule), my family doesn't really know though, but I am excited to see them come Thankgiving, hopefully I will lose about 15LBS come Turkey time.. I've been overweight/obese for 5 years, although I'm typically a happy person I know it wasn't healthy, so I thought I'd make a change (traveling & start up life make you eat out a lot) I noticed I started to become an introvert… maybe cuz I was a fatty and just tired all the time, haha.

Thank you to this community, I've been a lurker for years and have been inspired by so many of you!!!

how I've lost it:

eating healthy whole foods, grass fed meats or turkey, hate chicken.

(I do eat sweets at times, vegan desserts, in moderation… a few bites then give it to a random person on the street.. SF living)

intermittent fasting, I do the 5:2 ration

gym about 4 times a week… intense strength training. 20-25 min of cardio.

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