On Stage with Gary Vaynerchuk at PhotoPlus


Gary Vaynerchuk and I gave a co-keynote in NYC at Photo Plus Expo. My background is as a creator turned entrepreneur, and Gary’s a born entrepreneur and then realized that creativity was how he was going to take his business to the next level. Unsurprisingly, we both ended up in roughly the same space. Instead of delivering a keynote that showed my own pictures or videos or stories like I’ve done at Photo Plus in the past, we decided to co-host a Q&A and answer 3 audience members’ biggest current struggles. I’ve been getting a ton of great feedback on the Q&A style keynotes I’ve been doing, so I’m pumped to share another one with you. In today’s episode, Jason has a growing portrait business in Chicago, but seems to have plateaued on the money that he’s able to make using his current strategies. We let him leave the stage only after offering a new blueprint for how to set his prices to make the kind of money he dreams of. Niki has been hustling like crazy shooting volume to grow her brand, but now she’s getting antsy not making money even though she’s so busy. She seemed to know all the […]

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