Peace, movement, and contrast: This week in Editors’ Choice


Each week, members of the 500px team curate photography that showcases the breadth of our community’s talent, diversity, and trends on-the-rise in Editors’ Choice. There were a few themes in this week’s selections: moments of peace in lush, tranquil settings and soft, muted tones, high-contrast and rich color, and natural, spontaneous captures of movement. Here, a roundup of this week’s Editors’ Choice photos and some of the best photography on 500px today.

Meet the 500px editors who chose this week’s selections:
Karen Biilmann
Aneta Filiciak
Paul Friesen
Camila Gargantini
Robbie Sinclair

... by Victor Jori on

????????????? by ???  on

on the tram by Gabor Nagy on

Futuristic neon lighted close up portrait of amazing woman with white bob hairstyle wearing silky... by Jaroslav Monchak on cat... by Christopher v. Badengoth on

Morgan Phillips Photography by Morgan Phillips on

???? by ??????  on

A Sadhu's Life by Hugo Joel on

Light... by Tirica Stefani on

Girl by Yaron Ben-Horin on

Pray for Ukraine by Arsenii Gerasymenko on

La charge by Samuel Boivin on

Becerro orejón by Miklo Mena on

By Your Side by Kristi Fräzier on

Green Grid by Stuart Allen on

Untitled. by Mikael Aldo on

Mystique Beauty by Sunny Singh on

Zelenci by Witold Ziomek on

Smile just like air by jiang xufan on

Polarbear by Sascha Feuster on

Painted blue background with blooming lilac branches at the bottom and with copy space. by Natalia Semkina on

Goéland, envol vers le large... by Marie-Jean QUESNEL on

Fired eggs in a frying pan like a skull by Phuphan Sornwismongkol on

Heavens Shower by W I L L E M D E   M E Y E R on

Nova reflection by  elfmet on

Fuma by John Rucchetti on

Chess by Zoltán Illyés on

Shadow? by Uwe Leininger on

Summer heat by Alex Oancea on

The Sea is just a Wetter Version of the Sky by Brandon Warren on

Ninyen by Leon Fürtig on

Warm welcome. by Alex Reichel on

Bella by Portraits by Danailya  on

Summer vibes by Anna Pakhomova on

Summer Vibes by Atanas Korkov on

Summer Vibes by Isi Akahome on

Jordan by Gareth Rhys on

Summer Vibes by Mariya Karaivanova on

summer vibes by Nora Biro on

Chiara by Mattia Camozzi on

Trimarano Boat by Azzurra Piccardi on

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