Pelosi on Republicans: ‘They’re afraid of me. They’re afraid of women.’


“This isn’t about me. This is about the one in five children in America that lives in poverty.” That’s why Nancy Pelosi is not worried about Democratic House candidates who aren’t supporting her for Democratic leader, as long as they “understand that, that once you’re in Washington you cannot let the Republican ads affect the votes that you take on issues,” she told Politicus USA on Saturday. She also had a few blunt, clear-eyed things to say about all those Republican attacks on her:

They’re (Republicans) bankrupt, so they have to come after me.

They sat across the table from me, they know I can eat their lunch on the negotiations and I always have. […]

We’re going to have a phenomenal success when we win on the policy front. And that really matters, but the motivation of it, I think they’re afraid. I think Republicans are afraid of women.

I think they’re afraid of me. I think they’re afraid of women.

Republicans have every reason to be afraid of Nancy Pelosi—she’s right, she has repeatedly eaten their lunch—and as we know, they hate and fear women, especially the ones they can’t control. Kudos to Pelosi, though, for taking the attacks and keeping her eye on winning in November and going on to policy wins in the future, even with candidates who’ve turned away from her.

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