Planning to Propose? Exotic Flower Options to Choose From


Exotic Flower Options to Choose From

Lovers have been professing their love for centuries to their partners through an intimate proposal with traditional flowers. During the Victorian era, lovers used to have an entire conversation with flowers. Can you imagine how romantic it would have been? And, gradually over the years, flowers became a custom for conveying heartfelt emotions to the people you love. This ritual gained more popularity when everyone started to celebrate Valentine’s day.

As we all know every flower has a different meaning but there are some specific ones which are only meant for celebrating the love of your life. And here is an explanation of making them worthy of your love proposal. Let’s have a look:

1. Orchids


Orchids are meant to be the most romantic flowers that convey your deepest emotions and depth of your love. It is one of the rarest flowers which is available in almost every single shade that you can think of. And according to the language of the flowers, it is believed that the rarer flower you present to your beloved, the deeper your love. So, if you are deeply in love with someone, set the beginning of your love story with these exotic and beautiful blooms.

2. Blue Iris

Blue Iris

The breathtaking blue iris is a symbol of faith and hope. There are a lot of meanings this flower holds, but when it is given as a gift to someone, blue iris conveys deep sentiments of the sender. It is also believed that the roots of an iris have magical powers, just like a new lover holds the power of attraction. So, a bouquet of a beautiful blue iris is the perfect floral arrangement capable of expressing your deepest emotions.

3. Roses


Roses are the symbol of romance. However, Roses are available in almost every shade to choose from but a bouquet of deep red roses is the perfect thing to say the magical words- ‘I Love you’. There is also a specific number of roses that can be considered ideal for a proposal, and a dozen red roses symbolize complete love.

4. Lilies

Can’t keep your eyes off her smile? Then why not profess your love with a bouquet of beautiful lilies. These breathtaking flowers are counted amongst the best blooms to convey one’s feelings of infatuation to someone. Lily is also the 30th-anniversary flower that signifies a strong bond between partners.


5. Tulips

Looking for an elegant proposal flower to win someone’s heart or to express your feelings? Then, tulips are just the right choice for you. Tulips are available in a variety of colors, but red tulips are seen as the symbol of ‘Perfect Love’. During the Victorian era, giving someone red tulips meant you are declaring your love for that person.


So, if you are looking for new proposal ideas to speak your heart out in the language of flowers then look no further as these are the perfect choices. Send your lover a beautiful bouquet to their work or doorstep or give it to them in person.

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