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Ahhh yes! Another sunrise in the deer woods. Sitting in my ground blind. Got my binoculars around my neck. My Sony is waiting for picture daylight and some deer to come around. 

robert hoagueRobert Hoague

First thing, I could make out some deer shadows over by the protein pellet feeder. The shadows came and went as daylight moved in very slowly on this overcast morning. When things were picture ready these two bucks were back and scarfing up some Double Down deer pellets.

I zoomed in tighter and observed that the smaller buck was not the same one with Ybuck yesterday. And speaking of Ybuck, notice the ends of the main beams and tines. Grow on Ybuck.

whitetail buck deer pictures by robert hoague

From my ground blind’s location I can see 240 degrees around me. Luckily, I happened to look the right way and caught a photo of this growing buck slipping through the are behind me.

And back at my pellet feeder a new group of deer have moved in.

whitetail buck deer pictures by robert hoague

They come and they go. This has turned into a busy place. 

Meanwhile, at my small food plot things are relatively green and growing slowly. A buck with his first year’s antlers is picking out snacks for himself.

whitetail buck deer pictures by robert hoague

A young 8-point walks by him, browsing as he goes.

The deer don’t stay long, they just cherry pick new growth. After the bucks leave, a doe and another youngster with a particularly narrow set of growing antlers come by.  

And a little to the south a buck and doe watch each other intently.

In the high weeds two other young bucks, a 7 and an 8, move along through the high and dry grass and weeds.

Another 8-point buck walks by in front of me. 

This buck continued walking and I noticed the Ybuck was out in front of him. I snapped a quick picture and they were gone.

Nothing happened for 40 minutes and two does came out of the trees along the gulch to the east.

In the deer world, certain things are pivotal. Such as recent solo fawn sightings. They are expanding their familiarity with the area they live in. A few weeks ago fawns were always near their mother does. 

And that’s the pics from the deer woods around where I live. There will be plenty more.


To Deer Pictures By Robert Hoague

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