Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro vs. Fitbit Charge 3: Which should you buy?


We’re a virtual company made up of tech experts from across the globe. Android is our jam, but at the same time, we love checking out the latest in wearable tech. If you’re in the market for a new fitness tracker, we’ve got the shopping advice you need.

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro

Great for runners

$194 at Amazon


Gorgeous OLED display
Local music storage with Spotify
Built-in GPS
Larger app selection

No Samsung Pay

Samsung’s Gear Fit2 Pro has built-in GPS, allows you to locally save music with the Spotify app, and tracks all sorts of activities. We wish there was support for Samsung Pay, and at $194, the Fit2 Pro isn’t cheap.

Fitbit Charge 3

Fitbit’s best tracker

$149 – $169 at Fitbit


Connect’s to the Fitbit ecosystem
Fitbit Pay (for Special Edition)
Up to 7 days of battery life

No built-in GPS
Can’t download music

The Charge 3 is Fitbit’s smartest fitness tracker to-date. Along with the regular fitness suite, you’ll also find female health tracking, a growing selection of apps, and even Fitbit Pay!

If you’re already invested in the Fitbit ecosystem, the Charge 3 is the best fitness-tracker you can buy. However, if you need GPS and want to listen to music without carrying your phone, the Fit2 Pro is the better purchase.

Which fitness band should I buy?

When it comes to basic fitness-tracking, the Gear Fit2 Pro and Fitbit Charge 3 do a lot of things right. Both wearables track your steps, distance, calories-burned, your sleep throughout the night, and a variety of different exercises. You can view a lot of these stats right on your wrist or get a more detailed look with their companion apps (the Samsung Health app for the Gear Fit2 Pro and Fitbit app for the Charge 3).

If you’re a big runner/jogger, the Fit2 Pro gets a big edge thanks to its built-in GPS chip and ability to locally store music via Spotify. In other words, this means you can map your runs and listen to music without having to carry your phone with you.

The Fit2 Pro also gets a big edge with its display. While both trackers use OLED panels, the one on the Fit2 Pro is colored and looks downright fantastic. The grayscale screen on the Charge 3 is fine, but the Fit2 Pro is definitely more pleasing to look at.

Where the Charge 3 shines is with its deeper fitness focus. In addition to your basic tracking suite, the Charge 3 also has:

Female health tracking
15+ goal-based exercise modes
A personalized cardio fitness level
More detailed sleep tracking info

Both the Gear Fit2 Pro and Charge 3 also support notifications from your phone, a growing selection of apps, and changable clock faces. You can send off short, pre-made responses to texts and emails, but this only works on the Charge 3 if you’re paired to an Android phone.

Lastly, if battery is your main concern, the Charge 3 knocks it out of the park. The up to 3 days of use on the Fit2 Pro is good, but it’s nothing compared to the Charge 3’s ability to go for 7 days without needing to refuel.

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro
Fitbit Charge 3
1.5-inch color OLED
Grayscale OLED
Up to 3 days
Up to 7 days

Heart-rate sensor
Female health tracking

Water resistance
Music storage
✔️ (with Spotify)

Mobile payments

✔️ (only on Special Edition)
Android iOS
Android iOS Windows Phone
The Fit2 Pro is a perfect companion for runners/joggers

Samsung’s Gear Fit2 Pro is an all-around great fitness tracker, and compared to the Charge 3, it shines as the best choice for people that like to workout without having to always carry their phone with them.

In addition to the built-in GPS and music storage, the Fit2 Pro also gets points for its stunning OLED display, great fitness tracking with Samsung Health, and a user interface that feels a bit more polished and smooth.

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro

Great for runners

$194 at Amazon

GPS and local music storage shine on the Fit2 Pro.

If you like to run without carrying your phone, the Fit2 Pro’s built-in GPS and local music stroage are killer features. We also prefer Samsung’s color OLED display, but battery life pales in comparsion to the Charge 3.

The Charge 3 shines with its more detailed health tracking

The Fitbit Charge 3 may not have the fancy colorful display and user interface of the Fit2 Pro, but it makes up for this with its seriously great suite of health tools.

On top of the basic tracking essentials, the Charge 3 goes the extra mile by allowing female users to keep tabs on the menstrual cycle, get more nitty gritty details about your sleep, and connect with the rest of the Fitbit ecosystem’s other products are large community of users.

Fitbit Charge 3

Fitbit’s best tracker

An excellent choice for anyone in Fitbit’s ecosystem.

$149 – $169 at Fitbit

If you’ve used Fitbit products before, you’ll be right at home with the Charge 3. It tracks just about everything you could ask for, lasts a full week on a single charge, and offers basic smartwatch features.

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