Shark Tank Season 4 Episode 7


Shark Tank Season 4 Episode 7

I’m back from Mongolia which was an incredibly eye-opening trip and I’m really looking forward to sharing more with you soon. But tonight we’re straight back into the Tank and first up we have…


Jonny and Tony from Gamify come into the Tank and make a splash. Their gamification business makes branded, personalised video games for companies and they’re here asking us for 200k for 10% of their business. With some big names under their belt including KFC and Air New Zealand, they have created a software system that allows them to quickly make video games that can easily interact with customers. Gamification is pretty big right now in the marketing realms – will the Sharks agree?

Sunburst Outdoor Living

Tanya’s business started with a passion for home décor and she first launched by selling her outdoor cushion designs at the local markets. She ended up making 792k in her first year of business and over a million in the second and she’s in the Tank asking for help, guidance and 40k for 20% of her company – giving her business a valuation of $200k. To date she’s managed all aspects of the business on her own but she wants a Shark to help her push to the next level. Will any Sharks have a penchant for the cushion business?

Refresh Mobile Car Detailing

Harrison has created an eco-friendly business that he references as an “uber for car detailing” which has saved 2 million litres of water to date. His contractors can get to your car and have it washed in just over an hour, much quicker than the industry standard. He’s done well so far and his passion is obvious but he’s asking us for 400k in exchange for 20% equity – can he validate a $2 million valuation?

The Bosscoop

Hannah and Sam are high school sweethearts and saw a problem in the protein powder industry. When it comes to getting your powder into a water bottle it’s pretty impossible to do it without it spilling everywhere. So, they put together an innovative yet simple product to solve that problem – the Bosscoop. With 1000 sold so far, they’re in the Tank asking for 25k for 20% of their business. Will the Sharks have a penchant for protein?

That’s it for Shark Tank this week… but remember you can always catch up on the episodes at Ten Play.

All Shark Tank Australia information including blog posts, products and companies from all seasons can be found here…

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