Star Wars: 20 Wild Details About Luke Skywalker’s Body


When Yoda passed away during the events of Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi, it left Luke Skywalker as the last Jedi Knight in the galaxy. It was said that Leia also had the potential to learn the ways of the Force, but if Luke passed away, then there would be no one around to instruct her.

The fact that Luke Skywalker was the last Jedi Knight in Star Wars meant that he wasn’t bound by the rules that governed the life of his father – Luke was free to train anyone he wanted and instill in them any values that he chose.

Luke was free to seek out romance and learn the power that was inherent in using your emotions, rather than always trying to suppress them.

The unique position that Luke Skywalker has been in throughout his post-Return of the Jedi existence meant that Luke developed abilities and powers that were different from all other Jedi Knights before him.

Luke was the star of numerous pieces of Expanded Universe media, which meant that a lot of writers were given a chance to put their stamp on the character.

We are here today to look at the various peculiarities concerning Luke Skywalker that has been created since the debut of the character in 1977; from the clone that was created from his severed hand to his short-lived career as a podracer.

Here are the 20 Wild Details About Luke Skywalker’s Body!

20 A Clone Was Created From His Severed Hand

When Luke Skywalker’s hand was severed at the end of The Empire Strikes Back, it was presumed to be lost, as it would likely would have fallen outside of Cloud City and into the world below.

In the Expanded Universe novels, Luke’s hand was recovered by agents of Joruus C’baoth, who was an insane Jedi Master with access to cloning facilities.

Joruus arranged for the creation of a clone of Luke Skywalker that could mold to his needs. The name of this clone was Luuke Skywalker, with two “u”s.

Luke was forced to battle Luuke Skywalker in a duel, with Luuke wielding the lightsaber that Luke had lost in Cloud City.

Luuke had the advantage over Luke, despite the fact that he had only received a months worth of training. He was eventually dispatched by Mara Jade.

19 There Are Questions Over The Reason Why He Was Injured By The Wampa

Luke Skywalker is surprised by a Wampa at the beginning of The Empire Strikes Back and knocked unconscious. He is dragged back to a cave, where he would have presumably been the Wampa’s next meal if it weren’t for the fact that Luke could use the Force.

The Wampa incident left Luke with several scars on his face, which the fans have speculated was added to the movie to explain injuries that Mark Hamill had earned before the filming of The Empire Strikes Back began.

Mark Hamill injured his face after a car accident, which happened not long after A New Hope had wrapped.

George Lucas has claimed that the Wampa scene was always meant to be in the movie, but it certainly helped to explain Luke’s injuries.

However, Carrie Fisher had different recollections of the events following Mark Hamill’s injuries, as she claimed that the Wampa scene was added to directly address the changes in Luke’s appearance.

18 He Could Drag Star Destroyers From The Sky

Yoda proved that a Jedi was capable of lifting incredibly heavy objects with the power of the Force. Darth Vader also liked to throw things with the power of the Force, which he did during his first duel with Luke Skywalker.

It seems that Luke Skywalker would grow far beyond his father and his mentor in terms of Force abilities, as he was capable of dragging Star Destroyers from the sky and crashing them into the ground.

There is a canon Star Wars novel called The Legends of Luke Skywalker that deals with various myths and rumors surrounding the elusive Jedi Knight.

One of the stories about Luke claims that he used the power of the Force to bring a Star Destroyer down on the surface of Jakku, with the suggestion that this is the one that is seen in The Force Awakens. 

17 He Had A Hot Chocolate Problem

We don’t see many different beverages being served in the Stars Wars movies, so the fact that Luke’s family on Tatooine used to drink blue milk has become an iconic part of the series.

Blue milk is so popular that fans commonly make some variant of it using blue food coloring to drink on Star Wars day.

In the Star Wars Expanded Universe novels, Luke had an addiction to hot chocolate, to the point that he stashed the plants that make it on the Millennium Falcon.

The plants used to create the chocolate were different from the ones used on Earth, as they come from alien worlds.

16 He Had A Canon Physical Attraction To His Sister

The fact that Princess Leia once kissed Luke in The Empire Strikes Back is one of the creepiest aspects of the series.

It’s something that is never addressed by the characters in Return of the Jedi and is something that Han, Leia, and Luke seem content to forget.

There were pieces of Star Wars media that were released before the revelation that Leia and Luke were siblings that talked about their mutual physical attraction to each other.

The novel called Splinter of the Mind’s Eye has scenes from Leia and Luke’s perspective that describes how they find each other attractive, with both of them commenting on the beauty of the other.

Then, Return of the Jedi made things weird, and the main character had to change his name to Bluth Skywalker.

15 Young Luke Once Met Young Anakin

Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda decided that the best place to hide the infant Luke Skywalker was with Anakin Skywalker’s family.

Luke Skywalker grew up in a similar environment to his father, without realizing it until much later in his life. There is even a Star Wars story where Luke was given a chance to meet his father when they were both children.

In the fifteenth issue of Star Wars Tales, there is a story called “Sandstorm” where a young Luke is trapped in a desert storm and encounters a young Anakin Skywalker.

The two boys never reveal their full names to each other, so they don’t become aware of their true relationship.

Anakin and Luke go on an adventure while trapped in the desert, which concludes with the boys fighting and slaying a krayt dragon.

Luke is then found by his family, with no clear indication of whether his adventure had happened or whether it was just a hallucination.

14 He Is One Of The Few Jedi To Create A Synthetic Lightsaber Crystal

The Empire made sure to make life as difficult as possible for any Jedi Knights remaining in the galaxy after they had been purged.

Emperor Palpatine also wanted to make sure that no new Jedi Knights rose up to challenge him, so he made sure that all of the locations where lightsaber crystals could be found were destroyed.

A lightsaber needs a crystal in order to be able to produce a blade, and the ones used by Jedi Knights were found in natural locations. The Sith were often forced to create synthetic crystals, which required specific tools and a knowledge of the Force to make.

When Luke Skywalker lost his lightsaber in Cloud City, he returned to Obi-Wan Kenobi’s home on Tatooine and found the materials he needed to create a synthetic lightsaber of his own.

This required forging the crystal with a machine called a geological compressor, meditating with the crystal, and using the Force to shape it.

13 He Is Technically Disposable

The tragic loss of Carrie Fisher was only compounded when fans saw The Last Jedi for the first time and realized how important she was planned to be for the new movies going forward.

Was Leia going to take over Luke’s old position and train a new generation of Jedi Knights? We’ll never know.

It seems that a lot of writers are fond of the idea of Leia taking Luke’s place as the savior of the galaxy, as there have been many “What If…” stories where Leia took up the mantle of the last Jedi Knight after the demise of her brother.

In the DLC chapters of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, the Dark Apprentice slays Luke during the Battle of Hoth. This prompts Leia to become a Jedi Knight and face the Dark Apprentice on Endor.

In the Star Wars Infinities: The Empire Strikes Back comic book, Luke succumbs to the cold weather of Hoth before Han can find him.

This leads to Leia tracking down Yoda and defeating Darth Vader in a battle on Dagobah.

12 He Has Taken Down Over 300 Enemies

There used to be arguments over which action star had the highest amount of enemies that they slew on-screen, with the likes of James Bond and Rambo taking the lead.

The greatest action stars in the world have nothing on Luke Skywalker, though, who was personally responsible for wiping out enough people to fill an island nation.

The majority of these lost souls were created when he destroyed the Death Star in A New Hope. 

Luke Skywalker managed to shoot thirteen Imperial soldiers before he even began the run on the Death Star.

When he succeeded in blowing up the space station, he added over three-hundred and fifty thousand people to the list of people who met their end at his hands.

11 He Is What Anakin Could Have Been

One of the most popular Star Wars fan theories is that Emperor Palpatine purposely gave Darth Vader a defective suit in order to keep him reliant on the technology of the Empire and weaken his connection to the Force.

It’s also possible that the Emperor manipulated events so that Anakin would face Obi-Wan on Mustafar, as he had predicted the outcome.

George Lucas has confirmed on the DVD commentary for The Empire Strikes Back that Luke Skywalker represents Anakin Skywalker’s potential, had he not been wounded in his duel with Obi-Wan Kenobi.

The fact that Luke’s body wasn’t maimed and kept alive by machines meant that his connection to the Force was never interfered with, and he could access abilities that his father was denied by turning to the dark side of the Force.

10 He Was Once Meant To Be A Woman Or An Old Man

Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope went through numerous changes and drafts before George Lucas finally nailed down the ideas that he liked and were feasible to recreate on the big screen.

In the early drafts of A New Hope, the original protagonist was a girl named Starkiller. George Lucas was clearly fond of the Starkiller name, as this was Luke’s surname for a long time until it was changed to Skywalker.

The Starkiller name was eventually used as a codename by the Apprentice in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. 

There was also a point when the protagonist of A New Hope was meant to be a sixty-five-year-old Jedi general. The story of this early draft was actually turned into an eight-issue comic book, called The Star Wars, which was released by Dark Horse Comics in 2013.

9 He Had Children In The Expanded Universe

Luke Skywalker has only ever canonically kissed one woman on the big screen and she turned out to be his sister.

The Jedi Order banned Jedi Knights from pursuing romantic relationships, although some did so in secret.

Luke Skywalker wasn’t bound by the old rules of the Jedi Order, yet he never seemed to find a love interest in the years leading up to The Last Jedi.

The Luke Skywalker of the Expanded Universe was the total opposite of his film counterpart, as he had numerous different love interests across all of the different comic books and novels.

The non-canon version of Luke would eventually settle down with Mara Jade and the two had a son, whom they named Ben.

8 He Was The First Jedi To Be Shown Wielding Two Lightsabers

The fans of the original Star Wars trilogy once wondered why no one in the movies wielded two lightsabers at once. No one was sure if this was even possible, as we only saw a handful of lightsaber-users in the first three movies.

Anakin Skywalker would become the first Jedi Knight to wield two lightsabers on the big screen, as he briefly used two during his battle with Count Dooku in Attack of the Clones. 

The first character to be seen wielding two lightsabers in any form of Star Wars media was Luke Skywalker.

He used two lightsabers during his battle with Dark Lady Lumiya in the Marvel Star Wars comic book series.

In Luke’s case, he fought with both a regular lightsaber and a lightsaber shoto, which is the shorter version of the weapon that is favored by smaller humanoids.

7 He Can Use The Force To Teleport

The Jedi Knights and Sith Lords have existed for millennia, but they still don’t know all of the secrets of the Force.

There are alien species within the galaxy that possess knowledge of Force techniques that remain beyond the reach of the Jedi and the Sith, along with other abilities that were lost over time.

One of the most powerful Force techniques was taught to Luke Skywalker and Ben Skywalker by an alien race, known as the Aing-Tii.

This ability is referred to as “Fold space” and it allows the user to teleport items across great distances.

It’s also possible (but more difficult) to transport living beings with the use of the Force or to prevent yourself from being moved by other Force powers.

6 He Developed The Ability To Use Force Lighting

Force lightning is one of the most powerful Force powers available to a Sith Lord, as it can be used to instantly destroy an opponent in a flash of electricity.

Only the most powerful Jedi Knights could hope to withstand an assault by Force lightning.

The ability to use Force lightning is tied directly to the dark side of the Force, as the bearer needs to want to inflict terrible harm in order to be able to conjure the power into existence.

It is possible for Jedi Knights to use their own variant of Force lightning, which has been referred to as Electric Judgement.

Luke Skywalker was able to use this ability in the Expanded Universe to instantly vaporize those who came before him in a flash of green sparks.

5 He Discovered How To Use Bastila’s Powers

Bastila Shan was one of the main characters in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and was considered to be one of the most powerful Jedi Knights who ever lived.

The reason why Bastila was so important was due to her mastery of battle meditation, which was a Force technique that inspired the hearts of her allies and weakened the resolve of her enemies.

A skilled battle meditation user could make an army act as a coordinated unit, which could mean the difference between victory or defeat.

Luke Skywalker discovered how to use battle meditation in the Dark Empire series, where he found the information in an old Jedi text.

Princess Leia also learned how to use battle meditation in the same series and would use it in the Empire’s End series against Emperor Palpatine.

4 His Prosthetic Hand Has Inspired Real-Life Technology

The loss of a limb isn’t that big of a deal in the Star Wars universe, as it is easy to acquire prosthetic limbs that serve in the same way as the one that was lost.

Luke Skywalker lost his hand at the end of The Empire Strikes Back and was fitted with a prosthetic by the Rebel Alliance.

The scene where Luke is given his hand managed to inspire Benjamin Tee to try and create a real-life equivalent of the limb.

He has spent most of his adult life designing a synthetic electric skin that can be used with prosthetic limbs in order to simulate feeling.

Tee has said that The Empire Strikes Back has directly influenced the creation of his electric skin.

3 He Has Turned To The Dark Side At Least Once

Emperor Palpatine wanted to turn Luke Skywalker to the dark side in order to mold him into the perfect apprentice. Luke was only saved from Palpatine’s will by his father, who sacrificed his life in order to destroy the Emperor for good.

The Dark Empire comic book series established that the rumors of Emperor Palpatine’s demise were unfounded, as he was able to return with the aid of a clone body.

The new version of Emperor Palpatine was able to deal with Luke without interruptions. When Luke realized that the battle was lost, he submitted to the dark side and became the Emperor’s new apprentice.

Luke Skywalker did not remain a Sith Lord for long, though, as he was saved from the dark side by his remaining family.

2 He Could Use Mace Windu’s Shatterpoint Ability

One of the most powerful abilities available to a Force-user was known as Shatterpoint.

This move involved using the Force to strike in an incredibly precise manner at the weakest point of a surface.

This means that Shatterpoints can be used to destroy incredibly durable materials with only a small amount of energy, as if the strength of a Shatterpoint was linked to the skill of its user, rather than the power they could call upon.

The most famous Shatterpoint user was Mace Windu, who used the power frequently throughout the Clone Wars.

Luke Skywalker revealed to Jaina Solo that he could also use the Shatterpoint ability to Jaina Solo, who he later taught how to use the same power.

He would use this ability in the Legacy of the Force series.

1 He Was A Podracer

Anakin Skywalker was a skilled podracer despite his young age and relative inexperience. Anakin also had access to a racing pod as his master owned one, which gave him more of an opportunity to train.

It seems that Luke Skywalker inherited more of his father’s abilities than he realized, as he was given the chance to take part in a podrace in Star Wars Annual #4, which was a comic book released by Marvel in 2018.

Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader both end up on the planet Hradreek on separate missions. Luke is forced to steal a racing pod in order to evade a patrol of stormtroopers and has to take part in a race.

It didn’t take long for Luke to quickly prove how amazing he was at podracing, to the point where the announcers were saying that a human had never won a major circuit race before, except for in some of the lesser known worlds.

Darth Vader is watching the race from the stands and doesn’t want his old record to be beaten, so he uses the force to break Luke’s pod, without ever knowing that he was inside.

Can you think of any other crazy facts about Luke Skywalker’s body in Star Wars? Let us know in the comments!

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