These are the real ‘superfoods’ you should be eating more of, according to science


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Most so-called ‘superfoods’ are a gimmick.
Scientists and nutritionists came up with a list of the real healthiest foods out there.
Here are the top 25 healthy foods you should add to your diet, according to America’s leading public health institute.

Super, shluper. The term “superfood” doesn’t actually mean anything, and most of the foods hiding behind such a label aren’t all that good for you. But there are dozens of real, nourishing foods that you should be eating more of right now.

Thanks to some of the scientists at America’s foremost public health institution, you don’t have to search too hard to find them. The folks at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ranked the following items in order of how much nutrition they pack per calorie. Not only do studies suggest that people who eat more of these foods tend to be thinner and live longer than those who rarely or never eat them, they are also linked with a reduced risk of chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes. So start adding them to your diet.

Cabbage is a good source of calcium, iron, fiber, folate, and vitamins.

Cabbage and its cousin Chinese cabbage are rich in calcium, iron, fiber, folate, and vitamins, and very low in calories — 22 for a cup of the regular variety served raw and just nine for a cup of the Chinese variety served raw.

Cauliflower packs in the fiber and folate.
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Cauliflower is rich in fiber and folate, vitamins B6, C, K, and potassium. A cup of chopped, raw cauliflower has just 27 calories, 3 grams of fiber, and 2 grams of protein. Toss some in your next curry.

Kohlrabi is high in vitamins C, B6, and potassium.

Kohlrabi — an off-white veggie you’ve probably never heard of — is high in fiber, folate, vitamins C and B6, and potassium. A cup of it raw packs just 37 calories but a whopping 5 grams of fiber. Try it baked.

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