Update to “Never 500” – 150 lbs Down


I first posted here 2 days in to my weight-loss journey starting at 499.4 lbs – never wanting to reach 500 lbs, and posted an update when I was 100 lbs down.

Now I'm happy to report that I've weighed in at 347.7 lbs, for a total of 151.7 lbs lost.

Progress and comparison pics here

These most recent 50 lbs was harder to get off than the first bit. I ran into a bit of a plateau for a few months. I was eating and cooking at home, but I was still cheating both weekend days – and I was hovering around 135-140lbs down.

A few weeks ago my girlfriend decided to get on the weight-loss train and started doing Weight Watchers, so I decided to be supportive and "unofficially" follow her plan with her. The big difference for me was watching my intake 7 days a week instead of 5. It was tough giving up the weekend cheats, but that was the boost I needed. And I've consistently lost 3-4 lbs a week since starting that. We're relearning how to have fun on the weekends without going out to restaurants to eat. For example we like to make lunch and go to a nearby park or the waterfront to eat and go for a walk or exercise.

A quick summary of my plan, we just keep track of portions and exercise. A typical day starts with a protein shake for breakfast, half-salad for lunch, and meat/veggies/yam for dinner, with a yogurt as an after dinner snack. I also walk 90 minutes a day (3×30 minute walks).

A few NSVs from this 50 lbs (for previous NSVs see my other post).

I went down another shirt size! I went down at least 2 pant sizes I was able to find a pair of jeans that fit at Old Navy! It was so nice to be able to buy clothes at a "normal" store instead of a Big and Tall store. On a recent plane ride I was able to buckle the seatbelt without needing a seatbelt extender. I'm now able to rent a bike from one of those bikeshare companies and go on bike rides (albeit they are shorter bike rides, but still) I've been able to sit in booths at several restaurants – not every restaurant, but more than zero – which is awesome. My co-workers have finally noticed and commented that I look a lot smaller. Only took 130 lbs!

Special thanks to my girlfriend, who is awesomely supportive, makes us dinner every night, and is now on the train to skinny-town. Also, to /u/mglasses5 – who still checks in with me every week, and keeps me motivated and accountable. Countless times I've chosen to avoid eating poorly because I knew I had to weigh-in and report to mglasses5 the next day.

Thank you for reading!

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