Weekly Health Quiz: Ginger, Fitness and Energy


1 Which of the following has been shown to ease menstrual pain as effectively as ibuprofen?

Apple cider vinegar

One of the most well-recognized health benefits of ginger is the easing of pain; research shows it can ease menstrual pain as effectively as ibuprofen. Learn more.

Bergamot oil

2 Which of the following statements is false?

Recent research found people, who had gotten seasonal flu shots and contracted influenza shed infectious viruses through exhaled breath; those vaccinated two seasons in a row had a greater viral load of influenza A virus
Research shows flu vaccinations may promote lung inflammation
Studies show annual vaccination leads to reduced protection against influenza
Recent research found people who had gotten seasonal flu shots and contracted influenza did not shed infectious influenza viruses, while unvaccinated people did

Recent research found infectious influenza viruses in the exhaled breath of people who had gotten seasonal flu shots and contracted influenza, suggesting vaccination promotes greater shedding of influenza A viruses and may promote lung inflammation. Those vaccinated two seasons in a row shed a greater viral load. Other studies show annual vaccination lowers protection against influenza infection. Learn more.

3 Which of the following was the first national grocery chain to set a deadline for full GMO transparency?

Whole Foods Market

In 2013, Whole Foods became the first national grocery chain to set a deadline for the implementation of GMO labeling. The labeling policy was scheduled to take effect September 1, 2018, but May 18, the company announced the requirement is being pushed back, although no new deadline has been set. Learn more.

Trader Joe’s

4 Which of the following requires the most energy out of all your internal organs, and is therefore more susceptible to age-related diseases?


Your brain, which consumes up to 20 percent of the energy used by your entire body, is particularly susceptible to impaired energy production due to faulty mitochondria, and researchers now suggest this is what makes the human brain susceptible to age-related diseases in the first place. Learn more.

5 Which of the following has turned into the latest fitness craze in the U.S.?

Frog Ping-Pong
Horseback archery
Goat yoga

Goat yoga, which got its start in 2016, has taken the U.S. by storm, with classes popping up around the country. Goats are said to bring an unexpected level of fun and laughter to traditional yoga sessions. Learn more.

Swimming with dogs

6 Every day, 115 Americans, on average, die from overdoses of this type of prescription drug:


According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 115 Americans, on average, die of an opioid overdose every day. Learn more.

High blood pressure medications

7 Which of the following health treatments are you recommended to maintain on a regular basis throughout life, just as you maintain regular visits to your dentist and dental hygienist?

Homeopathic treatment
Acupuncture treatment
Massage therapy
Chiropractic treatment

Structure dictates function. If your spine is misaligned, your nervous system will be adversely impacted. Getting regular chiropractic adjustments is important for the maintenance of your spine and overall health and physical function. Learn more.

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