Which VPS Providers have the best reputation?


So when looking through hosting options, I have seen tons of shared hosting companies talked about such as Siteground and WP Engine.

Both are given high marks on quality, speed, service, etc. WP Engine is on the more expensive side, so I'm trying to avoid that.

I am curious about what the Siteground's equivalent of VPS providers are. I've heard Digital Ocean is good, but in 6 months they have dropped performance. Vultr like to advertise their Skylake hardware but I don't really see it recommended too often.

So, does anyone here have a list of affordable VPS hosting providers (remember, like Siteground affordable/reliable/etc)?

It's so hard to find true data on WordPress blogs because so many just want to get that affiliate money that they'll suggest a new one every other month just to get more money.

If anyone could help, I would be greatly appreciated.

And I guess this is my real question to all of this. Which company has been out there long enough that has shown themselves they are dedicated to the business and offering a certain level of performance that they won't let their servers get overcrowded.

I just can't afford Siteground's VPS prices. I'm looking at around $40-60 max with one bigger 4 core server for my money making sites and another smaller 1/2 core for my experimental sites that hopefully grow into money makers. I'm just trying to find the VPS company with the best reputation while also have quality speeds, dedicated uptime, etc.

Oh, and I can go completely unmanaged VPS too, it's actually what I prefer unless it's something like WP Engine's super hyped wordpress optimizations

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