Will John McCain’s replacement be a mini-Trump? Arizona Gov. Ducey has a tough choice


Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has a big choice to make: should he replace Sen. John McCain with someone McCain would have been happy about, or with a Trump loyalist who will please the Republican base? You don’t have to believe that John McCain was anything but a war-loving partisan Republican with an independent streak on a few specific issues to see what a gulf there is between Ducey’s options.

Ducey reportedly is looking for a pick who will run to keep the seat in the 2020 special election. Beyond that—and this part is hilarious—he is rumored to want to appoint a senator who will make both the base and the McCain camp happy. Having achieved that consensus, Ducey will ride a unicorn up a rainbow.

That search for a safe consensus pick has already left Mr. McCain’s allies deflated.

“Like with everything else in politics, these days we’ll end up with mediocrity,” said Grant Woods, Mr. McCain’s first congressional chief of staff and a former Arizona attorney general.

It’s the Republican Party in 2018. A mediocrity is the best-case scenario. 

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